Doctors in UK in all levels

We work with various privates agencies in the health system, recruiting doctors to all specialities, different categories (residents of all ages, young and adults Attachments, seniors, mestos, etc) and with different levels of experience to hospitals across the UK.


General Practitioners

We have numerous vacancies for “Medicos de Cabecera” (General Practitioners) throughout the UK.


Work as a Locum

A Locum doctor is that doctor who is working in place of a regular doctor that for some reason is absent, or when a hospital is understaffed. Despite being a Locum, depending on the needs of the hospital, a Locum doctor can be working for long periods of time, sometimes years.

In the UK the NHS has an average of 3,500 physicians working in hospitals on certain days as Locums. Most of these doctors are provided by private Locum Agencies and many of them have agreements with hospitals to provide them with doctors they lack. These Locum Agencies are common points of reference for doctors who wish to work in this market. In the UK there is a growing demand from Agencies to fill these positions.

The advantage of Locum work is not only the high retribution, but also the working flexibility and geographical mobility, amongst others.


Work as a Permanent doctor

A doctor with a substantive post is a permanent doctor. Normally the contract I is for one year, renewable. Locum agencies often offer substantive posts in hospitals throughout the UK. These contracts, however, mean a change in the terms and conditions that a short-term contract (Locum) has, losing the flexibility and other advantages a Locum doctor has.